Corporate Team BuildingSpeaking

Wherever a group of people comes together—whether on a college campus or in a workplace—great things are possible. After all, there is strength in numbers! But building a cohesive community, where everyone contributes their individual strengths for the common good, is challenging. Ego conflicts often arise, misunderstandings occur due to cultural differences, and, suddenly, the potential for collective success is lost… at least temporarily.


Dr. Mary Arnold knows how to tap or recover the potential strength of any group, from business executives to members of an athletic team. She is well known for her success teaching team building and leadership development skills. As a keynote speaker, she engages her audiences with storytelling and interactive exercises. Participants leave her sessions with practical skills they can immediately put into action, such as:


  • The ability to communicate more effectively.
  • An understanding of how to lead and create a cohesive community.
  • The capacity to set goals and realize them.


In addition, people who hear Dr. Arnold speak come away with:


  • A new confidence in their worth.
  • An expanded vision of what is possible.
  • A deep well of energy and motivation to make things happen.


Dr. Arnold’s keynote addresses and workshops may only involve a short amount of time, but their positive effects are long lasting! Participants experience sustained improvements in outlook and performance, enabling them to achieve at their highest level even when faced with challenging situations.