As an experienced keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Arnold engages her audiences with storytelling and interactive exercises that teach skills audience members can immediately put into action. She specializes in leadership development, diversity training, and community building. Adept at working with groups ranging from athletic teams to students to business organizations, Dr. Arnold often speaks on the following topics:

  • Building Inclusive Communities
  • Setting Yourself and Your Organization up for Success
  •  Leading from A - Z
  • Creating a Winning Mindset.
  • Achieving Inside and Outside the Classroom
  • Adapting to Change and Transition
  • Expanding Communication Skills


Dr. Arnold also designs programs to address a group’s specific needs. She will work with you to create a presentation or workshop custom-tailored to achieve your organization’s goals.



Dr. Arnold’s one-on-one coaching enables individuals to overcome seemingly impossible hurdles and make success an everyday way of life. Whether you want to achieve more in your career, school, or personal life, she can help you get what you really want. Popular goals she coaches include:


  • Getting to the next level.
  • Managing difficult people.
  • Being confident and effective speaking in public.
  • Handling career transitions.



  • Getting what you want out of life.
  • Moving through obstacles.
  • Adjusting to transitions.
  • Living with intention.



  • Developing study skills.
  • Mastering test-taking skills.
  • Learning to speak in public.
  • Planning an academic path.



  • Improving focus.
  • Managing anxiety.
  • Overcoming bad habits.
  • Mastering skills more quickly.


Dr. Arnold will partner with you to ensure you reach your goals and create the life you truly want. Call or email today to schedule a complimentary exploratory session with Dr. Arnold. Phone: 802.318.1945 or email: