Most of us know what we want out of life, and yet we find it so hard to make that vision a reality. We encounter obstacles—both real and imagined—that trip us up, or we convince ourselves that what we want is unrealistic.


Dr. Mary Arnold is here to show you that achieving meaningful change in your life is a real possibility. By working one-on-one, she partners with you to design an individualized program that will enable you to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small, whether you want to perform better as an athlete or find a career that matches your passion. Although she is able to provide expert guidance through any issue, Dr. Arnold is particularly adept as a career coach, offering business coaching and improving your communication skills. Dedicated to real-time results, Dr. Arnold will:


  • Help you clearly identify what you want.
  • Work with you to develop a step-by-step roadmap for reaching those goals.
  • Give you tools and skills to undo self-defeating thinking and to keep you on track.
  • Teach you methods to overcome obstacles.
  • Provide steady guidance so that you truly achieve what you want.


By your side every step of the way, Dr. Arnold knows the key to successful coaching is establishing a trusting relationship, where you and she become co-creators in your success. Always just an e-mail or a phone call away as you go through the process, she’s there with a helping hand whenever you need it.


Through Dr. Arnold’s coaching, you will:


  • Live better.
  • Work better.
  • Acquire practical skills to ensure future success.
  • Establish a life where what you want and what you do are one and the same.