Dr. Mary Frances ArnoldAbout Dr. Mary Arnold

Dr. Mary Arnold first began to understand the power of individual and collective efforts to either further or undo success as a young athlete. A competitor, she quickly realized that the same mental skills and team concepts that helped her succeed in athletics also worked for achieving goals in the rest of her life. She studied counseling and social justice in both college and graduate school, earning a Ph.D. from Oregon State University.


Her vision and passion for developing strong communities expanded with her work as a college counselor and private–practice psychotherapist. Dr. Arnold has taught graduate studies abroad and consulted with diverse groups throughout the United States to build inclusive communities. For the past decade, she has used her experience to design seminars and keynote addresses that emphasize leadership development, diversity and team building, enabling groups and organizations to function more effectively. In addition, she’s built a reputation as a respected personal coach, who partners one-on-one with people to help them achieve their goals and thrive.


Dynamic yet down-to-earth, Dr. Arnold takes great satisfaction in enabling people to become all they can be. She draws on her wealth of experience to help individuals and groups acquire practical skills that not only improve their lives immediately, but also set them up for a future of success. Knowing communities are only as strong as their individual members, Dr. Arnold’s aim is to enable people to lead lives that make them proud.